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Inner peace.

We all aspire to it, but it can be hard to find.

In this crazy, chaotic world that we are all living in, staying serene has become increasingly challenging. Let’s face it; it was hard even before the current crisis turned normality on its head. So what is needed now more than ever is time to mentally kick off your shoes and slip into something more comfortable - like a calm and relaxed state of mind.

But how do I do that?

You might argue that achieving calm is easier said than done, and it could be said to be tricky for all but the most determined meditators. 


This is where guided meditation and therapeutic sounds come into their own. Where allowing someone to soothe your soul with good vibrations or to gently guide you into meditation with atmospheric descriptions, creative positive reinforcement, and deep energy work can swiftly lull you into a state of tranquility. 

So can an altered state alter your reality?

The subconscious mind is unable to distinguish between what you imagine and what you directly experience. This gives you an immensely powerful tool for transformation, built in to your personal psychology. It has the potential to affect your mental and even sometimes physical health, as the quality of your thoughts can influence how your body responds to stress .

Many medical placebo trials have proven the amazing efficacy of the imagination. Remarkably, some people have even regained their health, believing that a pill that was given to them as a new cure for their particular condition has done just that - whereas the mind may have created the the ideal environment for the body to heal itself.*


In meditation, the mind enters the state between sleeping and waking, allowing stress hormone levels to drop and pulse rates to normalise - which, in turn, allows the body’s self-healing mechanisms to go to work unhindered. This is the ‘relaxation response,’and for some people, the experience is as refreshing as a really good sleep.


Here on Hush Hour you will find compact sessions you can fit into a busy schedule as well as longer, in-depth visualisations, powerful sound baths, and sleep talk sessions. You’ll discover simple mind/body relaxation work, and more esoteric themes to explore if you’re interested in investigating your spiritual side. 


You’ll also have access to public live-streams, more intimate online group work, video on demand to rent or buy, membership with benefits, and the opportunity to enjoy the personal touch with a bespoke meditation or sound spa session that's just for you  - at a range of prices for every pocket.

*Disclaimer: if you are on a medical regimen, do not stop taking your medication unless you are expressly told to do so by your medical advisor.


what you can choose from:

live guided meditation


Live online guided meditations for groups. Bespoke creative visualisations made just for you

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“I love your online  meditations!”  

live sound baths


Both live and live-streamed gong baths and therapeutic sound events. Bespoke sound spa sessions just for you

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“Before Covid, I’d been to a few of your gong baths & brought friends along with me. I enjoyed them a lot; they were an opportunity for me to have some quiet time, away from the non-stop-ness of life. To have a little bit of peace.” 

video on demand


A library of recorded sound baths, guided meditations and music to rent or buy

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“I attended your Sunday gong baths at Zen Yoga and I absolutely loved them! They helped me through week by week with my high stress job. I have been to other sound baths in Thailand and London and yours were by far my favourite and the most personally powerful experience.”



Get behind the scenes information, pre-launch access to new material, and enjoy being part of an online community


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“I have to firstly say that I miss [your events] so terribly and would come back in a flash. You’ve created a beautiful community which I love being a part of.”



Audio-only podcasts for those times when you want to give your eyes a much needed rest..


Coming soon!


"I would like to thank you for all of your energy, time and support you generously shared with me. During the lockdown, being part of Uplift Family group was a major help and really supported me to feel less lonely. It opened my curiosity and interests in my spirituality."


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